Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are the largest of the Procyonid Family, body lengths of 16 to 28 inches and weighs 8 to 20 pounds. The raccoons are identified best by their facial mask and their extremely dexterous front paws. Raccoons can carry Rabies, very lethal disease carried in the saliva and its transmitted by bites. If signs of raccoons are found in your home or business, contact our professionals today.

Why Tdot Wildlife Removal.

  • Over 25 years of Professional expertise in the field.
  • Professional, Fast and Guaranteed Services.
  • 100% Success Rate and Customer Satisfaction.
  • Industries Top Leading Products and Techniques.
  • Competitive and Standard Pricing.
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How do we do it.

  • Our trained professionals inspects all necessary areas.
  • One way access door will be installed at entry point.
  • All potential entry points will needs to be sealed / protected.
  • Galvanized steel screen is used to seal / protect areas.
  • 2 years warranty provided on all sealed areas.
  • If babies found we will humanly remove the babies from attic and place them at entry point for mom to relocate the babies.
  • Animals found under deck, shed and in backyard will need to be relocated from your home.
  • Our professionals set up humane traps and bait with food.
  • Once animal is trapped, home or business owner will call us to pick the animal up.
  • Animal will relocated from your home or business.
  • Raccoon Caged - Raccoon Removal Brampton by Tdot Wildlife Removal
  • Rooftop Raccoon Traps - Raccoon Removal Brampton by Tdot Wildlife Removal
  • Traps set up for Raccoon Removal, Tdot Wildlife Removal
  • Brampton Raccoon, Pest Removal Services by Tdot Wildlife Removal
  • Tdot Wildlife Removal - Brampton Raccoon Removal Services
  • Raccoon Sitting on a Rooftop - Brampton Raccoon Removal Services, Tdot Wildlife Removal
  • Traps set up by Tdot Wildlife Removal for Raccoon Removal
  • Traps by Tdot Wildlife Removal for Brampton Raccoon Removal
  • Brampton Raccoon Removal Traps by Tdot Wildlife Removal