Bird Control

Birds are very nuisance animal, they break into exhaust vents and soffits area. Birds can cause many heath problems with their dropping, which smells very bad and carries a lot of dangerous virus and bacteria. If any signs of bird problems are found, contact our professionals today !! (905) 766-3401.

Got Birds in your home or business ? Call Tdot today !!

  • Over 25 years of Professional expertise in the field.
  • Professional, Fast and Guaranteed Services.
  • 100% Success Rate and Customer Satisfaction.
  • Industries Top Leading Products and Techniques.
  • Competitive and Standard Pricing.
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  • Same Day Service!!

How do we do it.

  • Our trained professionals inspects all necessary areas.
  • One way access door will be installed at entry point.
  • All potential entry points will needs to be sealed / protected.
  • Galvanized steel screen is used to seal / protect areas.
  • 2 years warranty provided on all sealed areas.
  • If babies found we will humanly remove the babies from attic and place them at entry point for mom to relocate the babies.
  • Animals found under deck, shed and in backyard will need to be relocated from your home.
  • Our professionals set up humane traps and bait with food.
  • Once animal is trapped, home or business owner will call us to pick the animal up.
  • Animal will relocated from your home or business.